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Currently in the final year of her MA at the Royal College of Art, conceptual artist and researcher Poppy Braddy, continues to explore her infatuation for the unseen and overlooked. With a focussed vision for promoting a renewed interaction in and amongst our material world, Poppy is currently asking what is possible when all hierarchies amongst human and non-humans are removed.

Poppy holds a strong belief that textiles and matter is a universal language with the power to change narratives and perspectives. By applying her material and technical sensibility, honed through a high level of weaving experience, Poppy presents material explorations as a medium for raising questions and evoking empathy between humans and often overlooked materials.

Before joining the RCA, Poppy began her artistic studies at Central Saint Martins. She went on to complete her BA in Woven Textiles at Manchester School of Art, which included time spent studying in exchange at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. ​

If you are interested in finding out more, please feel free to get in touch.