I am an avid, visionary and creative woven designer with a passion for re-exploring the world around me and re-articulating that into a universal language through colour, tactility and weave.


I am a Textiles 2020 graduate from Manchester School of Art (MMU) where I specialised in weave. Following a transformative semester exchange to Hong Kong and a summer interning at Rare Thread, my final year became a period of rapidly evolving experimentation and material investigation. Captivated and lost in the infinite breadth of possibilities the craftsmanship and technicalities involved in weaving provide, the evolution of my design process was accelerated into a multi-faceted and creative approach.


Underpinning my whole practice is an intrinsic love for the beauty in the overlooked and unseen, a passion and curiosity for exploring technical possibilities and an infatuation for the striking designs that are produced when the two are combined. 

I am excited to continue exploring woven design and it's potential contemporary applications during an MA at the RCA, London, starting in September 2020.

If you are interested in finding out more, please feel free to get in touch.